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We’re a Certified Green Builder

This means peace-of-mind, comfort and value for you!

High Efficiency For Heating & Cooling

Complete Thermal Enclosure System

Efficient Lighting & Appliances

Water Protection System

Independent Inspections & Testing

ENERGY STAR Certified homes are designed and built so that all energy efficiency systems and features work together to deliver better performance

Certified Green Home Benefits

Certified Green Homes Built By Woodhaven Homes

Peace Of Mind

Tried-and-true best building practices followed by independent inspections and testing from certified professionals mean that you can be confident that things were done right.

Enduring Quality

Value-adding energy efficiency features and a combination of materials and equipment deliver better performance and an overall superior level of quality.

Wall-to-Wall Comfort

You’ll see, feel, and hear the difference of a heating and cooling system that has been engineered and installed to efficiently deliver comfort. Enjoy consistent temperatures across every room and a constant supply of fresh, filtered air reducing indoor pollutants, dust, pollen, and other allergens.

Proven Value

Better energy efficiency and performance means lower utility and maintenance costs. Homes earning the ENERGY STAR label use 15-30 percent less energy than typical new homes, and even more when compared to most resale homes on the market today.

Get A Woodhaven 
Energy Audit!

Don't let your hard-earned money leak from your home!

We’ll perform a comprehensive checkup of your entire home and recommend areas that need attention in order to transform your home into an energy efficient haven!

Services & Solutions

  • Blower Door
  • Duct Blasting
  • IR Gun
  • Air Sealing
  • Insulation of Attics
  • Basements & Crawlspaces
  • Upgrade Heating & Cooling
  • Fine Tune Hot Water Heating
  • New Exterior Siding
  • Updated Doors & Windows
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Replace Appliances

Our Brands

Only the most popular, quality products
are used in a Woodenhaven-built home.
Your family deserves only the best
and care about the results.

Because We Cave

Make your new home yours with Woodhaven Homes

Make it Yours

The only limit is your imagination!

Choose the interior and exterior touches that make your home truly yours.

  • 18 months ago we decided to retire to Gettysburg to beat the winters in New England and to benefit from PA’s attractive cost of living. We considered both buying an existing property or building a new home. After several visits to the area, we chose the latter after we met Todd from Woodhaven Homes. We knew it would be risky to build a home in abscentia but after we saw firsthand the quality of his work and chatted with prior clients, we knew he would deliver a first rate Energy Star certified home, which he did. It goes without saying that we would recommend Woodhaven Homes in a heartbeat. It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

    Jim Kane
    Woodhaven Custom Home
  • Todd uses the best materials along with the best subcontractors resulting in a quality build that will be sure to please even the most detail oriented customer. Because of Todd’s commitment to quality and his customers I would highly recommend using Woodhaven for your building needs. Trust me you will not be disappointed!

    Rocky Herring
  • My husband and I have built two custom homes in the past 20 years. I think our first experience can be best described as messy and painful, sort of like childbirth without any meds. We loved that home but swore we would never build again.Then we met Todd Blankenship and we decided to build again.

    Karen Kane
    Woodhaven Custom Home